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Liquid Blenz

Pure Diabetes Bully Herbal Drink

Pure Diabetes Bully Herbal Drink

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Pure Diabetes Bully is formulated to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels at a moderate rate and keep it in balance. The blend of herbs and spices may help to boost the immune system and keep you healthy. 

Elevate your state of wellness.

 Ingredients Info:

Filtered Water, Aloe Vera, Cinnamon Bark, Sea Moss, Apple Cider Vinegar, Moringa, Tumeric, Cayenne Pepper, Oregano, Ginger Root, Garlic, Fenugreek Seed, Organic Green Tea, Maca Root, Sarsaparilla.


  • May lower blood sugar level.
  • May support better blood sugar control.
  • May support glucose metabolism.
  • May slow sugar absorption.
  • May improve skin disorder.
  • Support a healthy cholesterol level.
  • May help cognitive decline.
  • Supports weight loss.
  • May reduce risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • May improve kidney function.
  • May improve irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Healthy blood vessel and circulatory.
  • Support joint and muscle pain.
  • May help with digestive issues.
  • May protect against heart disease.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • May help reduce insulin resistance.
  • May improve inflammatory response.
  • May boost energy.
  • May help kill certain fungi that cause respiratory tract infections.


Take 2 tbsp twice daily. The morning before breakfast and at night before bed.

Herbs Used in Pure Diabetes Bully:

Ginger - is widely grown in Africa, Jamaica, Australia, India and China. It has always been  used in herbal medicine since ancient times. This aromatic spice can lower blood glucose level. Many scientific studies have confirmed that Ginger helps to control blood sugar level by increasing insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity.

Fenugreek - seeds and leaves are extremely useful to treat metabolic disorder and  digestive problems. This plant is native to Spain, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, France, Egypt, Argentina and Morocco. It has been used since ages to treat Hair fall, skin issue and slows down metabolism. A study confirms that Fenugreek seeds have blood glucose lowering effects and can be used to treat type 2 Diabetes.

Cinnamon - This strong smelly spice derived from barks of cinnamon trees. It is an amazing herbal supplement for diabetes, treats obesity, muscle spasm, diarrhea and the common cold. Many studies have confirmed that consuming Cinnamon regularly can help to control high blood sugar hence, it can be used as an alternative medicine to treat diabetes.

Cloves - is a flower bud that is popularly used in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This aromatic spice has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and digestive properties. Research confirms that cloves help to improve insulin sensitivity and lower of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Tumeric - is a ginger-like spice used in ayurvedic and other forms of traditional medicine to treat bacterial infections, wounds, skin disease and digestive problems. Researchers found that a phytochemical in Tumeric called curcumin is responsible for lowering blood glucose.

Ginseng - has been known as an immunity booster and a disease fighting herb for ages  but researchers have recently found it also to contain anti-diabetic properties. When you take Ginseng, the absorption of carbohydrate slows down and  the cells take up and use more glucose.

Oregano - is an exotic herb of Spanish and Mediterranean origins which is known to contain glycosides that lower the blood sugar levels in the body. It is also known to boost the immune system, increase insulin activity and mobilizes glucose in the cells, thus reducing the rate of carbohydrate formation.

Aloe Vera - This fleshy leaf plant has been used for ages to treat inflammation, improves digestion and reduce hair loss. Recent scientific studies found that Aloe Vera gel contain lipid and blood sugar lowering properties.

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Frequently asked questions


What is Liquid Blenz?

Liquid Blenz is an herbal beverage company that is committed to crafting all-natural infused tonics and beverages. Each sip is a journey into the world of herbal remedies, carefully blended to promote relaxation, boost energy, or enhance overall well-being. With a dedication to quality ingredients and sustainable practices, Liquid Blenz is not just a beverage company; it's a holistic approach to rejuvenation through the power of herbs.

Why should I choose Liquid Blenz products?

Liquid Blenz sources the finest herbs, ensuring that every sip is a journey into the world of botanical healing. Whether you seek relaxation, energy, or balance, Liquid Blenz offers a diverse range of herbal blends to meet your specific needs. Plus, their dedication to sustainable practices means you can enjoy these beverages with a clear conscience, knowing you're supporting a company that cares for both your well-being and the planet. When you choose Liquid Blenz, you're choosing a healthier, more sustainable way to nourish your body and soul.

Where is Liquid Blenz products manufactured?

Liquid Blenz products are manufactured in New York, USA.

What are some of the benefits of Liquid Blenz products?

The benefits of consuming Liquid Blenz herbal products are numerous. These thoughtfully crafted beverages harness the power of nature to promote overall well-being. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Liquid Blenz herbs provide a natural boost to your immune system while aiding digestion and reducing inflammation. They offer a gentle and effective way to manage stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. With their diverse range of herbal blends, Liquid Blenz can cater to individual needs, whether you're seeking an energy boost, better sleep, or to improve overall wellness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Walter Allen

Pure Diabetes Bully Herbal Drink

Ronald dawkins

Pure Diabetes Bully Herbal Drink

Great remedy

On my second bottle of diabetic Bully, I also take Sea Moss. I was struggling with my blood sugar for a while. Both of these two remedies have helped me so much. But I incorporated 2 days of exercise per week, cut my carbs by 50%. Cut 100% of sodas, and juices with added sugars. And now I am not taking any diabetic medication at all. My A1c is perfect. The "Bully" drink gives me extra boost of energy. With proper diet and litter exercise, its very helpful. Otherwise, I don't think there is any magic solution to diabetes other that lifestyle change.

Marco Weaver

It didn't help me at all

valerie johnson
Can't review

I had an allergic reaction to it.